Company Development History

ZhongZhou Group started from 1998, archived the success by personal values. However, our enterprise did not have the overall strength, blind expansion, and as a result, we walked to the failure by the end of 2004.

From 2005 to 2015, although the overall service capabilities of our enterprise were improved, however, we were still limited to the traditional service model, which made us very difficult to move forward in the industry.

In the face of having more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, when Zhongzhou Development Co., ltd was officially established, we all thought we already knew the secret of success.

But at this point, I found that my views on the business operation were all wrong. We need to reposition, still take the road of providing services, but turn into a new business service mode, to have our company stand even firmly in the Internet Age.

Digital networks are playing a more and more important role, and it is changing every aspect of the business model.The dominant role is no longer the companies, but the customers and the final consumers, who are taking dominant role in business. Service type of the enterprises can only establish a foothold in the market when they really solve the "pain" of the customers and the anticipated crisis for the customers.

We can create an intelligent digital network platform which can make us and our customers to be a whole family.
We build authentic products and supplier database development platform to help our customers to easily find quality products and suppliers and reduce their purchasing cost. At the same time, by using our excellent operational processing management platform, we can provide professional supply chain solutions for our customers. We believe that transparent and shared information interactive platform can maximally solve the differences between different companies and cultures and maximize the benefits of both sides.
We are sure that our export control platform and filtering network can solve all the problems that our customers have encountered in china.

To accomplish this platform, we need to attract creative people, plan corporate culture, and "altruism" culture. Introduce and train a culturally consistent management with a clear code of conduct and make a commitment to that end. Build teams around the most influential personnel.

Defining the core strategy of our business:  
   (1)Values of the platform that we stand for: having ability to help others = altruism, to break the traditional values, self-centered or profit-centered value orientation.
   (2)The profit mode of the entrepreneurial platform is to solve the pain of customers as a breakthrough point, because it stimulates us to provide innovative services and creates values for customers so as to reach win-win.
   (3)The new method is to create a business platform, an intelligent network platform to help entrepreneurs grow, help suppliers improve their quality and service standards, so as to help final customers.  We are building a more transparent and trust network connection with customers. We have the ability to use more scientific tools to offer better solutions for customers.

Our dream sails and coming true!